MAA TERE MANALEN. 2007-2010 — Sound 5’ 40” — Video 12’ 30” — Curtains 440 x 260 cm and 440 x 350 cm. 40 Cushions 86 x 106 cm — Book — Faire l’aventure — Video 3’40” — 3 Sails. Tere means something in Bamanan, the official language of Mali. I decide to go there to see the country for myself. After a month, we design a fabric at a textile mill with the motifs tere jugu (bad tere) or tere numan (good tere) and maa tere manalen (someone with a lit up tere). We cut the fabric up into equal-sized pieces and we give them out to residents of the capital city, Bamako, and they make clothes with it, in exchange for taking part in a video I want to make. Later I swap new pieces of fabric for old ones and build a marquee to show the video. The marquee is turned into sails for an old ship that sails around the Mediterranean